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Friday, March 18, 2011

Quick Update

Hej! Just a quick update..

We just returned from Holland and we are now back in COLD pitea. Sad thing is I thought it was kind of warm when we left Sweden....then I got a taste of what nice spring weather is and realized its still FREEZING in Pitea! I continue to ask myself why I always choose cold climates when all I do is complain how cold it is! haha

But we had two days to recover and to get things done. Now we are off to Sundsvall to play a tournament. Our first game is Saturday against a really good Norwegian team. The winner plays the winner of Sundsvall vs Umea IK! I would love another rematch against Umea IK. Losing in PK's is always tough.

Season is just around the corner and its so important to play well this weekend so we can start building out confidence and strengths. I am so excited to see how our team does this 2011 season. It cant come fast enough.

Not much is going on in cold Pitea...but more fun events coming up next week! And great video ideas are in store!

And check out this site....This is going to be my new involvement!!! Wow I am so excited. This is totally what I believe in and is my trade mark.....hence JNODREAMBIG!

(Thanks David for showing me this site)


Sunday, March 13, 2011


I will start off with the phrase of the week and a new word I learned in Swedish. Phrase of the week is GU SÅ ! Means like Oh Gosh that is....(fill in the blank). Everything that we say is GU SÅ tired, GU SÅ cold and you get the idea! It has started to be a reoccurring phrase I use now and I love it haha. I am going to bring it back to America!

The last couple days have been GU SÅ fun. We adventured out and experienced the shopping outlets here in Holland. Being in the city, I can see myself living here. The style of the women and men are so much different than back home. People in Holland (Europe in general) really know how to dress. I learned its all about the accessories you have and how you put things together. And of course all of us girls went home with many shopping bags! I just cant take in all in. So many things to experience.

 We had our first match today against Venlo. A club team here in Holland. They were a pretty good team who came out with a lot of energy and they were really physical. I think they surprised us because it took us 45 minutes to start playing "our" game. But we came out strong in the second half and scored 3 goals. We won 3-1. I think I can say that we are not happy with our performance but really glad we came out second half and improved to win the game. Now we are looking forward to Tuesdays game against Duisburg (Germany team).

Take a look at some of the action:

We have two days left of preseason! It has gone by so fast. We are having so much fun it will be hard to come back to pitea. But we have one more game to conquer and then 2011 season will be just around the corner!

Check out a great video of our team shoes "Lunar Glides"



Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Hello from Holland

Hello from Holland!

Well its been quit a long day. We were up this morning at 4am and departed to Holland around 630. Both of the flights went well except for the minor "drop" in the first flight. Everybody was pretty much sleeping and we all jolted out of our seats thinking that we landed....but really it was a malfunction. We followed too closely to a plane ahead of us and felt a little back fire. That got us awake haha! But this is what most of us looked liked this morning....

Aww faith looks so rested....:)

Is Holland ready for us?

We arrived in Holland and instantly you can tell we were in a different country. The houses look a little like England (but nicer I think). One weird thing is that we have not seen many people around. Not even on the roads. I feel like we are out in the country; deserted to focus and concentrate on soccer...except we are not in the country and there is a mall not too far down the street! haha Not sure where everyone is?

Speaking of wondering where everyone is....we lost Lenny today at the airport. (Our coach). HAHAHA....and speaking Swedish here isn't going to work and I know how much Lenny LOVES to speak English hahahah. I'm sure he panicked a little.

Training went very well. Had a good light session but intense! I am really excited to see the development of the team over the next week! I believe we are here to challenge ourselves and each other to be better, to trust one another knowing we have each others back and to reach a certain level we never knew we could reach. I think we will go home a strong and confident team ready to compete in Allsvenskan.

A little message from Erika and I...
They feel really nice...they have velvet writing
Our training ground for the next week! ...unless it rains. Our coach wants to go on real grass and play real muddy fotboll!

Day1 of training camp....who knows what will show up next!


Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Excitment Is In The Air

FRIENDS....Hi! Just a quick update of what has been going on this week. First I would like to say the weather is finally cooperating and getting warmer. It was brutal for a while and I even started to wonder why I chose Pitea haha!

We played Sunana last weekend and won 6-0. Our team is seriously coming together and it looks like a great season for us. I was unfortunate and got a concussion during the game. It was a minor one...but still was not what I want to happen often. Never felt so "slow" in my life. And you all know when someone tells me that I have to sit down and relax.....PAALEEAASEEE haha that likely isn't going to happen! My new teammate who I have become very close with "Fiona" came over to my place that night and took care of me. These are the moments you miss your mom the most! She cooked and we watched weeds! (My new obsession). But it was a huge struggle to have someone do all the work and take care of me. She decided that I was never going to really sit down and relax and she ended up leaving my apartment because my energy level still exhausted her! And trust me...I thought I was relaxing :)

Needless to say I am fine and back into training. Nothing keeps me out too long. Especially when we leave Wed the 9th for HOLLAND!!!

Preseason this year is in Holland! And tons of amazing things are going to happen this week. Not only are we going to training camp to kick butt and get ready for a great season, but knowing the awesome, weird, crazy, quite, talkative girls that are on pitea....there is BOUND for laughter and great stories. I will be blogging every other day while I am there. So please check it out! Hoping my new camera comes in the mail before I leave so I can capture all of this awesomeness that is about to happen! Great pictures, videos and more for you too see!

A few girls and I are working camp for two days before we leave for Holland! Camps are always exhausting because 10 year olds have so much energy....BUT then again I have never worked a Swedish soccer camp. And let me tell you, I have never seen children behave so well and work so hard during there sessions! They listened, tried to correct what we told them and had fun playing soccer. It was fantastic to see! As weird as it was begging the girls to talk and giggle and get excited at the beginning of camp, there first impression of a crazy, talkative, loud coach was probably more weird! But I learned a lot more Swedish and I hope the girls had a good time trying to speak English! Sad thing is....they are better at English than I was when I was 10. hahahah.

Check out some of the pictures!

Cant wait to show you Holland!!!


Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Ready to Blog

Hey Allihopa (Everyone)

First I want to say I am sorry I have not blogged in such a long time. This is my temporary blogging site until CWF gets their new and upcoming site running! But as you all know, I LOVE to blog and show everyone videos and pictures of my life.

I am excited to tell you all I just got a new video camera and so I hope that my videos will be better quality and more fun to watch! I am currently working on two great ideas so cant wait to show you those.

I made a big decision about my soccer career! I am currently in Pitea Sweden playing for the Dallmasvenska league. I really wanted to be apart of the WPS, but unfortunately with the league struggling and only having 6 teams this year, I decided it was best for me to play overseas. The Pitea team felt like such the perfect fit. I was offered a great contract and what athlete can turn something down that seems so right! On that note....

I have been here 3 weeks and loving every minute of it! We have such a great team this year and we all play and feed off each other so well. We really are going to give the teams in the league a run for there money!

We had a game against Umea IF (one of the teams who are in the top 5). That really showed us a glimpse of where we will stand this coming season. We tied 3-3 and played phenom! We ended up losing in pk's because we had to determine a winner. And OH THE SHAME....I missed my pk! BUT to make myself feel better, I did score two of the 3 goals during the game and one was to tie the game with 30 seconds left. No worries though. That was my first pk that was ever taken and it was the last pk I will EVER MISS! haha

Here are some articles if you would like to check them out. And yes..only in Sweden would they do an article about my Butt! My first goal of the tournament was a butt goal. Seems to be a good asset!

http://translate.google.com/translate?u=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.kuriren.nu%2Fbloggar%2Fbloggentry.aspx%3Fblogg%3D5343933%26entry%3D5790077&hl=en&langpair=auto (slide down and you will see the article)

Well I am so glad to be back blogging! So much in stored in my brain that I will be blogging a lot until its all out!