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Friday, March 18, 2011

Quick Update

Hej! Just a quick update..

We just returned from Holland and we are now back in COLD pitea. Sad thing is I thought it was kind of warm when we left Sweden....then I got a taste of what nice spring weather is and realized its still FREEZING in Pitea! I continue to ask myself why I always choose cold climates when all I do is complain how cold it is! haha

But we had two days to recover and to get things done. Now we are off to Sundsvall to play a tournament. Our first game is Saturday against a really good Norwegian team. The winner plays the winner of Sundsvall vs Umea IK! I would love another rematch against Umea IK. Losing in PK's is always tough.

Season is just around the corner and its so important to play well this weekend so we can start building out confidence and strengths. I am so excited to see how our team does this 2011 season. It cant come fast enough.

Not much is going on in cold Pitea...but more fun events coming up next week! And great video ideas are in store!

And check out this site....This is going to be my new involvement!!! Wow I am so excited. This is totally what I believe in and is my trade mark.....hence JNODREAMBIG!

(Thanks David for showing me this site)


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