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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Hello from Holland

Hello from Holland!

Well its been quit a long day. We were up this morning at 4am and departed to Holland around 630. Both of the flights went well except for the minor "drop" in the first flight. Everybody was pretty much sleeping and we all jolted out of our seats thinking that we landed....but really it was a malfunction. We followed too closely to a plane ahead of us and felt a little back fire. That got us awake haha! But this is what most of us looked liked this morning....

Aww faith looks so rested....:)

Is Holland ready for us?

We arrived in Holland and instantly you can tell we were in a different country. The houses look a little like England (but nicer I think). One weird thing is that we have not seen many people around. Not even on the roads. I feel like we are out in the country; deserted to focus and concentrate on soccer...except we are not in the country and there is a mall not too far down the street! haha Not sure where everyone is?

Speaking of wondering where everyone is....we lost Lenny today at the airport. (Our coach). HAHAHA....and speaking Swedish here isn't going to work and I know how much Lenny LOVES to speak English hahahah. I'm sure he panicked a little.

Training went very well. Had a good light session but intense! I am really excited to see the development of the team over the next week! I believe we are here to challenge ourselves and each other to be better, to trust one another knowing we have each others back and to reach a certain level we never knew we could reach. I think we will go home a strong and confident team ready to compete in Allsvenskan.

A little message from Erika and I...
They feel really nice...they have velvet writing
Our training ground for the next week! ...unless it rains. Our coach wants to go on real grass and play real muddy fotboll!

Day1 of training camp....who knows what will show up next!


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