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Sunday, March 13, 2011


I will start off with the phrase of the week and a new word I learned in Swedish. Phrase of the week is GU SÅ ! Means like Oh Gosh that is....(fill in the blank). Everything that we say is GU SÅ tired, GU SÅ cold and you get the idea! It has started to be a reoccurring phrase I use now and I love it haha. I am going to bring it back to America!

The last couple days have been GU SÅ fun. We adventured out and experienced the shopping outlets here in Holland. Being in the city, I can see myself living here. The style of the women and men are so much different than back home. People in Holland (Europe in general) really know how to dress. I learned its all about the accessories you have and how you put things together. And of course all of us girls went home with many shopping bags! I just cant take in all in. So many things to experience.

 We had our first match today against Venlo. A club team here in Holland. They were a pretty good team who came out with a lot of energy and they were really physical. I think they surprised us because it took us 45 minutes to start playing "our" game. But we came out strong in the second half and scored 3 goals. We won 3-1. I think I can say that we are not happy with our performance but really glad we came out second half and improved to win the game. Now we are looking forward to Tuesdays game against Duisburg (Germany team).

Take a look at some of the action:

We have two days left of preseason! It has gone by so fast. We are having so much fun it will be hard to come back to pitea. But we have one more game to conquer and then 2011 season will be just around the corner!

Check out a great video of our team shoes "Lunar Glides"



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